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As a decorated Vietnam veteran, helicopter pilot, and State Senator, John Astle has earned a can-do reputation as a problem solver. He is the father of Maryland’s “Welcome Home Vietnam Veteran’s Day,” which gathers thousands of veterans annually in Anne Arundel County.

John He lives on Fleet Street with Jayne, his wife of 46 years; they are the parents of two sons.


"Annapolis’ current Mayor is attacking our City Council instead of attacking the problems - and that’s holding us back.

As Mayor, I will work to reduce crime, protect Annapolis’ shoreline, attract jobs, and support better schools. I will be a hands-on mayor who will roll up his sleeves on day one and get to work. That is why I am running for Mayor and I ask for your support.

- John Astle


Protecting Our Quality of Life

From repairing Downtown streets to cleaning up abandoned buildings,  protecting  our waterfront and nature resources, supporting and growing locally based businesses and transforming city government to be more accessible and accountable, John Astle has the experience to make a difference for Annapolis.

Focusing On Our Public Schools

As a State Senator, John Astle increased investments in Anne Arundel County schools by $13 million, and made it easier for parents to have a voice in school boards. As our mayor, he’ll be a passionate advocate for better local

Making Our Neighborhoods Safer

John Astle fought to give Maryland’s State Police the ability to fight kidnapping, human trafficking, rape, sexual assault and child pornography in Annapolis. He’s helping respond to the opioid epidemic with more treatment options for families, and tougher penalties for dealers.